Monday, January 14, 2013

Studying the Solar System

Today's gift is studying the solar system.

I love all the "typical" material my daughter is learning in school. I do not know what excites me the most...the fact she is learning the material or seeing her answer questions about the material.

This afternoon I was helping her with her homework on the solar system. I wonder what she thinks about the solar system. The concept of space must seem so foreign to her. Just like Rett Syndrome did to me...before I had to understand it...quickly.

She amazed me with her knowledge of the material. She enjoyed showing me what she knew and what she had learned. She enjoys showing me what she is capable of...even something which seems so far away.

Rett Syndrome seemed so far away from me before it came knocking on my door. Then I had to not only learn about it, but live with it. Something so far away, suddenly was so close.

I don't know if my daughter grasps the concept of space and the solar system. But what I do know is she understands the main points of the solar planet where people live; the largest planet; the smallest planet; which planet is the same size as Earth; which planet is known as the red planet; which planet is known as the blue planet; which planet is known for its rings; which planet is closest to the sun?

It's just like most people probably do not grasp the concept of Rett Syndrome, but when they learn about it they understand the main mostly affects girls; it is the most severe form of autism; most girls cannot speak, walk, or use their hand; it is random and can strike at anytime; the girls are locked inside their own bodies and want to come out.

I am happy with her knowing the main points of the solar system, just like I am happy with my friends knowing the main points of Rett Syndrome to spread awareness.

Here is a quote for today....

You learn something everyday if you pay attention - Ray Le Blond

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