Sunday, January 6, 2013

Making a Difference

Today's gift is making a difference.

About two months ago a neighbor called to tell me she has a project at school in which she is to write about someone who inspires her and she wanted to know if it was okay if she wrote about my daughter.  OF COURSE it is okay!  Wow, I was touched beyond belief and I was so happy for my daughter.

You see the young lady who called me is only 17 months older than my they are pretty much peers.  Due to where my daughter's birthday falls, if she did not have Rett Syndrome we would have held her back one year.  But seeing as she had extra challenges to deal with due to Rett, we decided to hold her back an extra year.  So yes, she is about 15-20 months older than most kids in her current grade.  But no one cares....and no one notices.

Ever since we became friends with the family whose daughter wrote about my daughter, there was an instant connection.  They are a family of six (three daughters and one son) and they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  The daughters instantly took to my children, especially my oldest with Rett Syndrome and always made her feel special.  They know what she enjoys and they know how to make her laugh.  Most importantly they always include her!

Little did I know how much of a difference my daughter was making to them.  To hear a peer explain it in her own words brought tears to my eyes.  Hopefully by now you all know my passion for my daughter is that she can live the most typical life she can with Rett Syndrome and I want her peers to understand she is just like them, except she has extra challenges she has to live with....daily.

My daughter's friend did an amazing job in her video for her presentation.  I asked her if I could share it in my blog and she said "of course".

I will say you will probably need a tissue, as it will bring tears to your eyes if you know my daughter....and maybe if you do not.  There are pictures of her from when she was newly diagnosed with Rett to present and  seeing her during her younger years brings back so many memories.  Memories of us on this new journey and not knowing where it would lead.  Memories of where we were, to show us how far we have come.  Memories to remind us of the things she loved then, she still loves today.  Memories of our daughter, Rett or no Rett, they are still memories.

Tonight I am so proud of my daughter for being her and for helping others to understand her "world".  Tonight I am proud of her friend for believing in my daughter and realizing she is just like her.  Tonight I am proud to share them both with you!

Instead of quote tonight, I think the video is better!

***UPDATE as of JANUARY 29th, 2013***
This is a text I received from our neighbor who's daughter did this project!
"she received a 100% on her project AND was awarded a classroom trophy for the BEST presentation by HER PEERS"!!!
Girl Power is what I am talking about here!!!! And her PEERS recognized it!

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