Sunday, January 13, 2013

Not Going Into a Full Behavior

Today's gift is not going into a full behavior.

This afternoon we took the kids to their new favorite frozen yogurt place. We took the three kids, one friend and Granny. Everyone enjoyed their yummy treat and we were able to sit outside on this warm January day.

As soon as we got into the car, my daughter started to show signs she was getting upset. Just like most came out of the blue. We all just continued going about our business in the car not showing her any attention. And her behavior was staying at a low level...level 3 (going on a scale 0-10). Then she started to point to the radio as we did not have on one of her favorite car cd's...Jack Johnson. So we turned off the radio and started her cd. She never came above a level 3.

Then just like it came out of the blue, she started laughing at her sister....and it was over!

I was so proud of her today and how she was able to work through it on a low level. Trust me, her behaviors can get really bad....and when she starts to escalate many times she hits the point where she had to go up, before she will come back down.

Behaviors like the one she had today do not happen often, but I have to say they are happening more often when she has a behavior. They say as girls with Rett Syndrome get older their behaviors start to go away....I pray this is true. I pray this is what we are seeing. I pray we are on our way to being behavior free.

I can't explain what it is like to see your daughter be so frustrated over something but she can not communicate what the something is so she starts to get mad...mad leading to furious. And the rate at which this happens is minutes. All while you feel helpless. You just sit there (sometimes in tears) and pray that the switch gets flipped ASAP so she can be happy again.

If my daughter has to get upset (and we all do sometimes), then I hope and pray they all continue to be like the one she had today.

Here is a quote for today...

And though she be but little, she is fierce- Shakespeare

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