Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Her Room

Today's gift is her room.

How many of you can't wait to crawl into your own bed after you have been gone from it...like being on vacation?   I know when I come back from being away from home one of the first things I think about it the good night's sleep I am going to have...in...my...own...bed.  My two youngest children always run straight to their rooms, as they have missed "their" space.

As you know from last night's post my daughter with Rett Syndrome is not feeling her best and was at my parents house.  She came home today....and it was so good to see her!!!  I really missed seeing her beautiful face, hearing all those "mommy's" and getting all my kisses.

Tonight when we went upstairs to start our bedtime routines (which usually start in our bedroom) and when we got into our master bathroom to get the kids toothbrushes, we noticed my daughter was not in the room.  I started calling her name as I walked down the hall.  I could hear her humming as I was approaching her room.

This is what I saw!

She was sitting on her bed looking at her books!!!  Her "humming" was her reading!!!

I think it is safe to say, just like my other two children miss their rooms, she missed her's too!

Here is a quote for tonight....

There is no place like home- Dorothy 

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