Saturday, January 12, 2013

Her Personality

Today's gift is her personality.

My daughter with Rett Syndrome has the best personality. For someone who is considered nonverbal she gives off an unbelievable amount of positive energy. Her smiles and giggles are contagious.

She is full of life, smart, trustworthy, loving, sincere, confident, honest, beautiful, funny and strong. I am sure I'm missing something, but these are her top ten personality traits!

I love how she can light up a room when she walks in. I love how others feed off her energy when they are around her. But most importantly I love how people want to get to know her. Her personality lures them in and they realize they want to learn more about her as she has so much to share and offer.

Having my daughter as a friend is having a friend for where gifts are received daily.

Here is a quote for today....

Butterflies don't know the color of their wings, but human eyes know how beautiful it is. Likewise, you don't know how good you are, but other can see that you are special- Author Unknown


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