Thursday, January 31, 2013

Being a great traveler

Today's gift is being a great traveler.

After last night's rain and wind storm (wow!) today's skies were beautiful making it a nice day to travel. Tomorrow my daughter is seeing a new doctor so we had to travel six hours by car today. My daughter, my husband, my dad and me hit the roads this morning, while my mom stayed home with my other two children. Since my parents are very involved in my daughter's care and are with her often, I like for one of them to be with us at her appointments. Nothing like an extra set of hands and ears!

My daughter loves to ride in the car! She would seriously ride all day if she could. I love the fact that she loves to ride in the car as much as she does as it makes traveling so much easier...for all of us. As long as she has her movies, music and some snacks she is all set!

She was perfect today in the car. She was quiet while her daddy was on a couple of work calls and she laughed out loud when we made two wrongs turns! She even took a little nap.

I wish we could drive to all the places we want to travel to with the kids, but unfortunately we can not. But until we travel to all the places in the United States and Canada....we have lots of places to still explore, I will not let it both me. As long as we are together having fun, the "where" doesn't make a difference.

We thank God for watching over us as we traveled today and pray we have an informative appointment tomorrow!

Here is a quote for today...

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment - Hilaire Belloc

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