Monday, January 21, 2013


Today's gift is gloves.

Since my daughter wrings her hands pretty much all the time, it makes it rather difficult to put anything on her hands. Sometimes pulling her hands apart it is so hard it truly feels like your pulling apart to suction cups. And as soon as you get them apart, she puts them quickly back two magnets!

As you can imagine putting gloves or mittens on would be a challenge. But like everything else we do with her, repetition works.

Her hands have calluses on them from wringing so much and so hard. We put lotion on them often and every other night (on the night's I put her to bed), I rub Bag Balm all over her hands and put gloves on her hands to help keep her hands moisturized all night. The Bag Balm has really helped! But what had really come a long way is her letting me out on her gloves!

Repetition repetition repetition....

Putting on her gloved at night gets easier and easier every night we do it...but tonight she held out her hand as soon as she saw the gloves coming towards her! She is used to it now...and I think she appreciates her hands being soft and thinks of these nights as her own personal hand massage....who wouldn't like that?


Here is a quote for today...

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out- Robert Collier

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