Sunday, January 20, 2013

Perfect Hostess

Today's gift is being a perfect hostess.

Have you ever had one of those 24 hour moments when you have plans all set in stone with lots of people and then something happens and you have to go to Plan B...quickly?

Well, it happened to us on Saturday around 11:00am when I texted our babysitter to see if was feeling better. She came down with the flu/or some flu-like bug on Thursday. I asked her if she wasn't feeling 100% I didn't want her to come and risk getting my daughter sick as she has a very important doctor appointment coming up. She was not 100%, so we jumped to Plan B. Plan A was going to brunch with five couples (including us). You can imagine how hard it would be to coordinate another date between all five couples!

Plan B was...we hosted brunch!

We had plans to have the two younger kiddos go spend time with my mother in law and to keep my daughter with us. At the last minute, my middle daughter received an invitation from a friend so she spent time at her friend's house.

My daughter was the perfect hostess! She didn't swipe, roam around and around, or anything. She was a perfect as you could get watching a movie right by the ladies and interacted with us. We were able to entertain our guests without having to be on her...this was a first! A first...where we didn't have to be on her at all in a two hour window! It was as if she knew our plans had changed and she had was going to help us out!

She loves being around our friends...always has. She loves to just watch and listen. She just loves being in our company. My daughter liked having everyone come over and talk to her. And she loved meeting some new faces too!

Plan B couldn't have gone any better! And her perfect mood continued for the rest of the day!


Here is a quote for today...

If Plan A didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters- Author Unknown

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