Thursday, January 24, 2013

Picture of the YEAR

Today's gift is picture of the year (2012).

As you may recall from previous posts, I LOVE where my daughter goes for physical therapy.  The name alone, tells the story...HOPE.

Late this summer they had pictures taken of their facility along with pictures of their patients working with the therapists.  They captured an amazing (if I do say so myself!) picture of my daughter with her therapist.

My daughter loves the swing activity she does at the end of therapy as it makes her so happy.  But while she is swinging she is working my pulling herself back and forth....she has quite the arm muscles!  Her smile says it all!

The picture the photographer captured they used at a fundraiser they held in September.  I was bummed I was unable to go as I had my duties with Girl Power 2 Cure at a board meeting!

In December this same picture was on the cover of the employee newsletter for the hospital system Hope Therapy is a part of!

Then today I found out at therapy that this same picture is one of five pictures up for PICTURE OF THE YEAR!  Only employees of the health system can vote, otherwise I would have everyone I know voting for this team.

Every time I look at the picture it just speaks volumes.  It shows a child receiving physical therapy having fun while she is working and the therapist has a smile on her face too.  It shows a young child who "looks" typical, but for some reason requires PT.  It shows how therapy is a team effort and how one person can make a difference.  It shows that even though I wish my daughter did not have to have physical therapy twice a week, I know she is happy when she is there working and giving it her all!

This picture was not me!  Anytime you go into therapy and you see my daughter working with any of the therapists or techs, they are always smiling.  My daughter may not be...if you are working her too hard, but they are!  And for the most part, my daughter almost always has a smile on her face too!

Different therapists smiling and she has a smile still too!

Now we just have to wait and pray all the employees voting think her determination, hard work and contagious smile are worth the title, PICTURE OF THE YEAR!  Even if she doesn't win by the votes, she is a winner in my book...every day!

Here is a quote for today...

I love photos because the best thing about it is, that it never changes, even when the person in it does- Author Unknown

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