Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Day with My Girls

Today's gift is a day with my girls.

Last night my son told my husband he wanted more "daddy time" on the weekends.  Meaning more time with just him and daddy.  I am so proud of him for speaking up.

I "get it", trust me.

We spend lots of time with and doing things for my daughter with special needs.  She requires constant attention, where my other two do not.  So to them we are always with their sister.  And they understand why.  They are very aware and mature for their age; however, I get they need "extra" attention too. And we try to make sure they always have it, but sometimes we get caught up and it doesn't happen.

Thanks to my son, we decided today we must make it a priority to focus on each child over the weekend.  It is more about having "daddy time" though as they each get me individually during the week.

Today my husband took my son for three hours for "boy" time and the girls and I had "girl" time.
We had the best time together!  We went to the mall to do a little shopping, we went to the craft store and we went to lunch!  My daughter was incredible through it all.  I did have to think of how many places we were going to go to as she starts to show signs (gets swipey) when time is up.  I timed it perfectly as at the craft store she was started to get "touchy" with everything.

I took the girls to a new deli for lunch they haven't been too and they loved it.  A friend recommended it to me a while ago; however I just tried it a month ago and it has been in my rotation of lunch places ever since.  One of my favorite things about this deli is they sell true Italian Leaf cookies...just like the ones I grew up eating!  I bought three (one for each of us) as our special treat.

The girls loved them!  And so did I.  It has been years since I ate one and it brought back so many good memories.  I thought I would have to take my children back to Connecticut where I grew up to get some good Italian cookies!


I can't wait to have many more dates with my girls.

Here is a quote for today...
The love between a mother and daughter is forever-Author Unknown

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