Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dinner on the Bay

Today's gift is dinner on the bay.

It is almost time to head back to reality, as every vacation must come to an end. Tonight we voted as a family to go back to our favorite restaurant we visited this trip.

The best way to describe this restaurant on the bay is a dive with class. It is so popular you have to arrive early to get a table of the best parts about eating here.

My daughter has come such a long way when it comes to eating out. One thing we haven't changed is the time in which we go out to eat. We still go earlier than we would eat at home, but at least we can count on never having to wait for a table. However, more importantly we have a nice dinner out as a family.

My daughter loves going out to breakfast, lunch or dinner...she truly enjoys to people watch and see what is going on around her. Tonight she had the amazing view of the water, boats, people, dogs....she was quite entertained. Not only does she enjoy going out to eat for the socialization piece, but she also likes to work on her ADL's- activities of daily feeding herself.

We have started to notice when we are out in public more, she wants to feed herself instead of us feeding her. This is huge! I have noticed it happening more frequently, but after my mom said something tonight it made me think about where it happens most frequently.

Tonight my dad, aka Poppy, went to give her a bite of her burger (her favorite thing to eat!!!) and she shook her head no. Thinking she didn't want a bite or was finished he put the fork down. Then she immediately picked it up and ate the bite on the fork!

I know she must feel self conscious when we go out to eat and we help feed her. She doesn't mind being helped with her cup as much as she does with her fork when we are out. And she is more into feeding herself when there is a younger crowd around- kids more her age. I totally get this AND respect her so much for wanting to do things herself.

I am proud of her for giving us the signs we need to help her be her best (we always need reminders). I am proud of her for wanting to do things for herself. I am proud of her for being so strong.

Here is a quote for today....

Be true to yourself- Author Unknown

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