Monday, April 1, 2013

Pure Excitement

Today's gift is pure excitement.

This afternoon we traveled to our final destination for Spring Break. To say the kids were excited and ready to get out of the car is an understatement. Since my daughter is non-verbal she can not ask us 100 times how much longer or 100 different questions about the place we are going to. While it is nice to have one less child asking questions, I would answer 1 million questions from her if she could talk.

Since she can not express her excitement verbally, she expresses it with her expressions and sounds. This afternoon when we were crossing the main bridge into the area where we are spending the week we were all going crazy over the view and the color of the water- it was breathtaking!

I looked at my daughter to see if she was enjoying the view as well and right when I turned around, she started laughing and dancing in her seat! I asked her if she was excited to finally be here and she said "La", which is her yes. The look in her eyes, the jiggle in her seat, and the laughter from her mouth were all give-aways that she was most definitely excited. And it was pure excitement- she knew it was real...what we had been talking about was going to happen-

I love, love, love it when she is happy and excited. I love it even more when she can share in the same excitement as everyone else- because then I know she is enjoying the experience at the same time.

Here is a quote for today...

Excitement is a mixture of Enthusiasm, Motivation, Intuition and a hint of Creativity- Author Unknown

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