Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Being a Good Team

Today's gift is being a good team.

This morning my husband left for a work trip very early...before the kids were up....which meant the morning could be interesting for me.

You see I help my daughter in the morning...wake her, wash her, dress her, etc....while my husband gets breakfast ready downstairs.  When I come down he will feed her and have breakfast with all the kids while I am doing last minute preparations to get the girls out the door for school- on time.

This morning, as soon as he left my daughter walked into my room.  Five minutes later my son did.

All I wanted was to shower and get some coffee.  Lucky for me, my daughter was a rock star and laid in bed while I took a shower!  My son went downstairs and made his own breakfast!!!  When I went down to check on him and get my daughter's pre-breakfast medicine, I noticed my husband got the coffee all together for me so all I had to do was hit start....what a guy!  This made my day....thank you honey!!!

The rest of the morning went extremely smoothly.  I just talked my daughter through everything and explained she may have to wait a little bit longer when we get downstairs as I have to get her breakfast ready too.  She understood and waited patiently and was incredibly good.

We had such a fantastic morning that we were ready a whole 15 minutes before they normally are for school!!!!  Now this is with NO beds made in the house (I am a stickler when it comes to this) but it got done when I came home from dropping the girls off.

I hope tomorrow is another great morning, but it is also a PT morning so we have some flexibility on time!  Having mornings/days/nights like these make you truly appreciate how much an extra set of hands really help!   On the other hand, it is nice too to have some quiet time all to yourself when everyone is asleep.  Though if I had to take my pick....extra set of hands OR quiet time...I would go with an extra set of hands...I can always hide in a pantry for a couple of minutes!!!

Here is a quote for today....

Teamwork divides the tasks and multiples the success- Author Unknown

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