Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Push of a Button

Today's gift is a push of a button.

We are very blessed our daughter has retained functional hand use.  Very blessed.

One button she loves to push is the button in the car to roll down her window.  For years she has been able to push the button to roll down her window.  She loves to feel the air on her face...summer or winter, rain or shine, she loves it anytime ( I didn't mean to rhyme, it just happened!).

While pushing the button came very easily to her, pulling it back up did not.  It took years for her to learn this- on her own.  Now when we are in the car, we have to lock her window from the front otherwise the window is constantly going up and down and up and down.

There are times when we unlock her window for her....and we tell her.  Immediately she rolls the window down to feel the air.

Today, she was playing a game with where she pushed a button!  When we were driving home from school on this incredible 90 degree day with NO humidity, we had our windows rolled down and the sunroof open.   As soon as we pulled into the driveway the kids know to roll up their windows.  My daughter does too, however, she is very quick to roll it back down right before I turn the car off.

She did it again today!  She loves to play this joke on me.  So I started the car from the passenger side and asked her to roll it up....which she did....and right when I pulled the key out, she rolled it down again!

Needless to say, if I wanted the window up I had to do it from the drivers side.   She was a little joker today and I appreciated the laugh!

Here is a quote for today....

Do more of what makes you awesome- Author Unknown

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