Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Foot Massage

Today's gift is a foot massage.

This evening as we were winding down from the day, my daughter and I were relaxing on the chaise lounge overlooking the water. Since we arrived to the house, this has been her preferred seat....who can blame her as the view is amazing. And the chaise lounge is very comfy!

My daughter loves to be barefoot and to rub her own piggies. I'm sure her feet are tired and sore after all her hard work of walking every day. My feet are sometimes tired at the end of the day and I don't have the daily challenges my daughter has, so I can imagine why she loves to rub them. While she can walk, her balance is still not 100% at all times from her surgery she had two years ago and her left leg and foot work much harder than her right due to an overall weakness on the left side.

Tonight she let me massage her feet! Usually she pulls away and prefers to rub them herself, but tonight she let me. Her feet were so soft and surprisingly not tight or tender. I was expecting her to be very jumpy, but she was extremely calm. She truly enjoyed having me give her a little foot massage.

I handed her my foot too and asked her if she would rub my foot...and she did...her style! She touched my foot twice with a downward motion and was so proud of herself. I know she wishes she could rub them more, but her handwringing and apraxia got in the way. I know she was doing the best she could and I thanked her for being nice to my piggies too!

We all enjoy a good back or foot massage once in a while, so I was happy when my daughter let me give her one tonight. She definitely deserves one! And the little foot rub I got too was an extra bonus!


Here is a quote for today....

Do small things with great love- Author Unknown


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