Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Going to be Okay

Today's gift is it's going to be okay.

Do you ever have one of those days where you look at something that has just been "handed" to you and think....are you kidding me?  Really?  Today?

And of course the timing of those things "handed"  to you are never at the right time.  Either you have something planned and now have to cancel.  Or you already had a busy week with hardly any time to yourself and then this happens.  Or your husband is going out of town and you know you will have to deal with it alone. Or whatever other situation you can think of.

Timing of things is never really "right"...is it?  Sometimes it is or sometimes I find at the time the timing wasn't right, but later down the road when I look back at the the timing of something that happened the timing was perfect.   But usually the answer is never obvious...it always leaves me guessing one way or another.

When days like these happen, I just look at my daughter and think to myself...it's going to be okay.

And it usually is okay.

It is at times like these when I think instantly....what an inconvenience this is for me....but then I really have to think....is it really about me?  There is always a bigger picture.

Today I had one of those days.

And I just looked at my daughter and knew it's going to be okay.

When something happens in my day to throw in a monkey wrench, I often will look at my daughter for some comfort....
  • I think to myself how would she deal with this...the way she is with Rett Syndrome and if she didn't have Rett Syndrome
  • I think to myself wow, she deals with so much every single day and I am complaining about this.  
  • I think to myself my daughter is an extremely strong person and she has made me the strong person I am today and....
.....it's going to be okay.

It is okay and will be okay.  Life will go on...just like it did yesterday, today and will tomorrow.  We may have extra baggage to deal with, but it's going to be okay!

Here is a quote for today....

Life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger-Author Unknown

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