Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trying New Foods

Today's gift is trying new foods.

I know I have mentioned in previous posts what an awesome appetite my daughter has...seriously she loves food.  And I honestly do not know where she puts it!  I can tell you she works it off by wringing her hands constantly during the day though....wow.

She is incredible when it comes to trying new foods.  I love how she is willing to try new foods and to trust us.  Whenever she is trying a food for the first time or a new dish she will close her mouth and smell the food before she will put the bite in her mouth.  If it doesn't get approved by the smell, it isn't going in!

My family loves pasta...must be the Italian genes in my kids.  Seriously, I have to limit pasta to once a week or they would eat it daily.  Tonight I wanted to try a new pasta recipe, but I knew two of my three kids would not eat it...so they had regular pasta set aside for them.  The new recipe was basically penne with a tomato creme sauce....made with Greek yogurt and it had spinach in it!  It was DELICIOUS!

My biggest critic kept asking for "more"!  She loved it!!!

I love how she appreciates it when I make a new recipe.  I love how she let's me know she approves.  I love when I hit a home run making dinner!   We say she is the best test of a recipe...if she doesn't like it, then it must be bad.

I hope my other two children follow in her footsteps and try new foods and new recipes when I make them.  I truly attribute my daughter's overall health to the incredible appetite she has....snacks and all.  She is a role model for her siblings in so many ways and this is one area they could really learn from her.

I have a couple of new recipes to try this week....I hope she likes them all!  If not, she will let me know.

Here is a quote for today.....

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well- Virginia Woolf 

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