Monday, April 8, 2013

Being Understanding

Today's gift is being understanding.

Wow, we had a blast the last 10 days!  Spring Break 2013, we will always remember you!  But oh my....we are all tired from being in the car.  865 way....1730 a lonnnnnggg time in the car!

However, I had the best travelers!

My daughter was incredible both going and coming.  She loves to ride in the car, but this is the furthest we have driven to date.   We were wondering how she was going to do and she rocked it!

I am not going to lie....coming home our trip was rough.  Going to Florida we broke up the trip with a stop over in Orlando so getting back in the car two days later didn't seem so bad.  However, coming straight home from our final destination was a different story!

We were all tired and ready to be home.  We were all whining and complaining during some point of the trip....understandably.  However, the one who never complained was my oldest daughter.  In fact, when one of her siblings would start whining she would start laughing!  She was so understanding to the whole situation.  She knew in order to get to point A from point B we had to drive and it was going to take a long time.  We all knew this too, but thought complaining and whining might help....a little.  It didn't!

It wasn't until we were in our town that my daughter started to make her first sounds that she was not happy.  Not too bad for 30 hours in the car (total driving time round trip!).  I have to say, I didn't blame her ONE BIT!  I know she wanted out of the car as much as I did.  And I am sure she couldn't feel her rear end either!

As soon as we entered our neighborhood she stopped!  She knew we were home!

Just like I have mentioned in previous posts, as my daughter gets older, the easier traveling is becoming.   We used to have at least one behavior in the car at some point in our trips, usually one each way.  This time we had ZERO behaviors in 30 hours!!!!  Just a little sound that she was starting to get unhappy!!!  This is HUGE for her and us!  HUGE!  Her being understanding to the circumstances is unbelievable and makes for smooth road trips!

While the trip was long, the memories were well worth the miles driven.  

Here is a quote for today....

It is a long road, but it is worth it- Author Unknown

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