Thursday, April 11, 2013

Her Nails

Today's gift is her nails.

Like most children, my daughter does not enjoy getting her nails trimmed.  Never has.  In fact when she was younger it would often cause her to have a behavior.  Unfortunately, it was something that needed to be done.

Obviously, we always want to prevent behaviors, so when we used to see one starting from nail trimming we would stop.  It would then be picked up at another time.

One day I tried a new technique when trimming her nails.  I would hold the hand I was going to do first out of her eyesight (my back to her) and give her an edible treat while I trimmed them.  Guess worked!  Her edible treat, usually skittles or m & m's, could be compared to a glass of wine we would get while getting a manicure or pedicure.  She still would squirm - a lot, but at least I was getting her nails trimmed without a behavior.

Slowly over the time I have been able to take away the edible; however, keeping the hand being trimmed out of her eyesight has remained a constant.  I don't think she liked seeing what was happening as it was scaring out of sight...out of mind.

Tonight I trimmed her nails and she was a rock star.  She hardly wiggled and we were done in no time.    While I was cutting her nails, it reminded me of how far we have come in this area of grooming.  It used to be a workout...I mean a full on workout to hold her hand still to cut her nails.  And now all we need is the television on and for her not to see what hand is being worked on first.  Who knew something so easy would fix the problem?!?

Like many things in life, you live and you learn.  And as for my daughter, it is another area in which she has matured.

Here is a quote for tonight....

I am not what I have done.  I am what I have overcome- Author Unknown

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