Sunday, April 14, 2013

Letting Me Know One of Her Favorites

Today's gift is letting me know one of her favorites.

Wow, we were all tired after last night!  Thankfully we didn't have anything going on today so it was a low key kinda day.

When my daughter sees something she wants, she will continue to point to it...getting more and more adamant until you figure it out.  Today while I was in the pantry she was pointing to the candy bowl- the one we keep up high!  She was so cute about it, I pulled it down and let her have a piece.

I opened her little box of assortment of candies from Easter.  I had filled six compartments with my children's favorite candy (each one got their own).  I asked her which one was her favorite candy from the six choices.  My thought was skittles (as she always picks them out) I was extremely happy when she pointed directly to the skittles too!

I love it when my assumptions based on her actions are correct!  And she takes after her mom as skittles are one of my favorite too!

Here is a quote for today....

Life is short, eat candy- Author Unknown

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