Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blast from the Past

Today's gift is a blast from the past.

One of the items left by the Easter Bunny was the first season of the Brady Bunch on DVD. I loved this show when I was younger and wanted to share a part of my past with my children.

We started our long drive home today and when the natives started to get restless in the car we broke out the DVD! I couldn't wait for them to watch it and see if they enjoy it as much as I do.

I think by the giggles coming from the backseat it is safe to say they enjoy Mike, Carol, Greg, Marsha, Jane, Peter, Cindy and Bobby...and Alice too! I was really interested to see what my oldest daughter thought of it as she loves her favorite movies...and sometimes doesn't like a change.

She was watching so intently and laughing at all the right places...which made me laugh too! I love when I can share memories from my childhood with all my children, but especially love it when my oldest daughter appreciates it too!

As I write this we are driving down the interstate watching a tv show from the 70's in our car DVD player. On the Brady's road trips it was good ole road games which kept them entertained. Tv's in the car probably seemed so foreign to them! Don't get me wrong, we do road games too, as well as, book bags filled with things to keep them occupied- but sometimes you have to break out the ultimate reward!

It is very rewarding to me to see all the little challenges my daughter is overcoming on her own, like introducing a new show into her rotation, as she gets older. All the little things like this add up to huge things which make family outings to family vacations that much better!

Here is a quote for today...thinking of the Theme Song to The Brady Bunch...

I love hearing old songs I used to love. They're like memories you can always go back to. - Author Unknown

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