Friday, April 5, 2013

Drumming Down the Sun

Today's gift is drumming down the sun.

We had another cloudy start to the day, but by 2:30 the sun was out! Since we had lost time from the morning hours we stayed outside as much as possible this evening to enjoy every last bit of sunshine.

We decided to have a drumming down the sun party...coin skirts and all.  It was so much fun!  Beach music was playing, coin skirts were shaking, kids were dancing and playing some musical instruments we found in the house and cameras were snapping pictures.  We drummed down the sun on the porch and down on the beach. It was a perfect way to end the day.

My husband danced one song with all three of the kids.  It was so sweet to see them share this time together.  While all the dances were memorable, the one with my daughter with Rett Syndrome probably was the most special.  My other two children can say they want to dance with daddy- she can not.  When he grabbed her hand and they started dancing her smile said it all.  I was snapping away with my main camera, but did manage to take one with my phone.  This picture definitely speaks a thousand words!

Drumming down the sun was a such a hit, I think we are going to make it a family tradition.  It was a time when we could all act silly, dance, sing and just be ourselves.  It will definitely be a night we will all remember!

Here is a quote for today....
To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak- Author Unknown

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