Saturday, April 20, 2013

Her Name

Today's gift is her name.

I love the gifts which are short and sweet.  The ones that "just happen" when you are going about having a normal day.

This evening we took the kids and Granny (my MIL) out to dinner.  We were having dinner at one of our favorite, close to home restaurants.  The kids were coloring and playing games on their placemats while we were waiting for our food.  My daughter grabbed a crayon and was "coloring" her placemat too.  Then I flipped it over so we would have a blank piece of paper.

I asked her what her name was....and she told me.  Then I said let's spell it.  So she started rattling off the letters in her name.  Rattling them order....with no hesitation!  And before we knew it all EIGHT letters were there!!!

She was SO proud of herself.   The look on her face was was as if she was saying, "duh, I can spell my name"!

But we didn't stop there.  We then proceeded to spell everyone's name at the table!  As we were spelling them, she would look at the person too!  It was so sweet...and sincere.

She amazes me every day and so many of her accomplishments are all because one special lady believed.

We are forever grateful for her one to one teacher...her believer...her voice...her friend.  If it were not for this amazing woman in our daughter's life, she would not be where she is educationally and socially today!  Their motto together is to never give up.

And they both live by this daily!

Here is a quote for today....

Don't give up.  I believe in  you all.  A person's a person no matter how small- Dr. Seuss

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