Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Feet Meet

Today's gift is the Little Feet Meet.

Every year the Special Olympics does an event for the public school systems where the kids who are in the special education program participate in events like the olympics.  There is an opening ceremony and everything.

It is a day to honor all children with all different types of special needs.  It is a day where "our" children are the stars.  It is a day where there are no questions....just acceptance.  It is a special day for all involved....volunteers, athletes, teachers, parents, grandparents, friends, etc.

At my daughter's school every athlete is paired with a buddy.  A buddy who will help them through each event.  A buddy who is their...well buddy...a friend.   The whole school cheers them on before they leave.  My daughter came home with at least SIX posters made by her peers...her friends wishing her good luck!

Today my daughter participated in three events--she started with a run/walk, then a ball toss and ended with a jumping event.  She did great in all of them, with of course the ball toss event being her favorite AND best!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday her walking has become a bit "funky" so the run/walk was a challenge for her.  Half way down she stopped and her one leg started to shake.  What didn't stop was the crowd cheering her on....all the way till the end!  This event was hard to watch as she used to be able to run down the track with no difficulties.

The jumping event I think is her second favorite for two reasons- she loves to jump (in place) and her FAVORITE teacher (well 2nd favorite to her one to one who is just....well....amazing!!!) picks her up and jumps with her!

Throughout it all she had lots of smiles and giggles!  She enjoyed having her support system there and kept looking at us to make sure we were watching her.  I love how we make it a family tradition...our whole family cheers her on.  I keep both of her siblings home from school as this is a special day for their sister, just like a dance recital or sports competition.    I keep them home from school so they can support her, like she supports them.  I keep them home from school so they can see how hard their sister works and how there are many other children who have all different kinds of special needs.  I keep them home from school so they will be well rounded children.

Another special part of the day is seeing my other friends out on the field with their special child and their families.  I love how all of our children have different special needs, but this is one day they are all the same.

I think my little Olympian is going to sleep well tonight   She had a busy day participating in her events she has worked hard practicing with her buddy!  I loved seeing her shine on her special day.  The Little Feet Meet gives her an incredible sense of pride.  I know we know how incredible she is, but I just want her to know how incredible she is!

Here is a quote for today....

Let me win, but if I can not win, let me be brave in the attempt- The Special Olympics Oath

doing the run/walk

her cheering squad

my daughter and her buddy

playing ball in between events

ball toss

this smile says it all....this is her favorite teacher!!!!

getting another ribbon

such a special girl!!!

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