Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Girl and Her Dog

Today's gift is a girl and her dog.

This afternoon I took my daughter for a walk as it was a beautiful day.  It was just her and I....there are not many afternoons where it is just the two of us.

I was going to just have the walk just be us, but decided to take Midnight, our dog, with us too!  She loves him and he loves to go on it was the best for both of them.  My only concern was him taking us on a walk!  He tends to walk fast...and she is already on wheels in her cruiser....and sometimes he will pull to the side.

However, I gave it a try!

It was one of the best walks in a long time.

It's funny how I trained for months to run a half marathon and as soon as it is over....I'm done!  The thought of running (the long runs did me in!) still doesn't appeal to me...but I do miss walking.  It was great to get back outside.  It was great to clear my head.  It was great to get some vitamin D.  And it was great to enjoy some one on one time with my daughter talking about all the little things.

When we started out, Midnight did just what I thought he would....walked on a diagonal right into her cruiser.  I kept telling him I wasn't moving and he needed to start walking straight.  I guess he thought I was kidding as he did it about four more times.  And every time he ran into us, my daughter would laugh....she thought it was pretty funny.

Finally, after the fourth time....he got it!  His listening skills are kinda like my other two children's!

From then on, he walked right next to her cruiser, in a straight line.  Which made it much easier for me too!  Pushing her and having a dog pull in another direction or into you is not easy.

I loved watching my daughter and Midnight.  He stayed right by her side on the walk and she stared at him much of the walk.  I loved watching her watch him.  There was something about it.

Maybe it was the fact, she will not be able to "walk" her own dog...unless a cure is found as he would definitely take her for a walk.  So having him walk next to her, is the next best thing to "her" walking him.  Maybe it was the fact she felt safe having him by her side.  Every time someone or something came into his view he really checked them out and would not let anything/anyone get close to us.  Or maybe it was she just loves her dog and enjoyed having him be part of our walk too!

You know what they say....a picture is worth a thousand words.....

Here is a quote for today....

A friend is someone who helps you up when your down; and if they can't, they lie down beside you and listen- Author Unknown

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