Friday, May 3, 2013

Her Love for Her Brother

Today's gift is her love for her brother.

My daughter loves her siblings.  She truly does.

She loves to be around them, play with them and annoy them....just like any sibling relationship.  My daughters have a closer relationship than my oldest daughter and son do; however, their love for each other is still very strong.

It is just shown differently.

I guess it goes with the ole' saying...girls mature faster than boys.  Or the fact there is a larger age difference between my oldest and my youngest.  Or maybe it is because my middle daughter is like a "little mother" to both her older sister and younger brother, the opportunities are not there all the time for my son to "shine" when interacting with his oldest sister.

Or maybe it is the fact his oldest sister does pick on him...often...because she enjoys the reaction she gets from him....and laughs!

I do not know what it is or why, all I know is tonight the two of them bonded like I have never seen yet!  And it truly melted my heart!

Tonight, it was just my daughter with Rett Syndrome, my son and me.  We were having a nice quiet dinner, when I asked my son if he would get some more dinner for his sister (he had to get it off the stove).  Not only did he GET it, but he asked if he could FEED her!?!?!  Of course.

He has fed her for me before, but literally I can count on one hand how many times that has happened...and usually I asked him to help me.  While he was feeding her, she had the biggest smile on her face.  She knew this was a huge step for him...for her...for their relationship.  And it didn't stop there.

As he was feeding her he was going on and on about how he really liked helping his sister and wanted to know if he could do it more often.

Yes...anytime you want to.

I immediately praised him and told him how happy I was with how he was interacting with his sister and did he notice the big smile on her face.  I told him, he brought that smile to her face!  He was very proud of himself.

Then he asked if he could sleep with her!  WOW!  I almost fell out of my chair!!!  Again never has he asked.  I said, let's plan on tomorrow night...if you still want to.

Before bed, he was sitting next to her on my bed while I was cleaning up their clothes.  He jumped off the bed and said he would be right back.  He ran to his room to get some books to read to her!!!!  OMG...I can't take it anymore!  WOW...huge steps!  He literally is reading now and is so proud of himself for this, that he wants to read all the time!

Seeing their relationship grow tonight, right before my eyes...was incredible to watch.  Seeing my daughter look at her brother with such love in her eyes made my tear up.  It was a look I haven't seen her give him in a long time.  Seeing them actually spend quality time with each other...with no fussing, no picking on each other was refreshing.

I know it will just take time and as time goes on their bond will strengthen.  I know in my heart this is how he always want to be towards her, but sometimes it is hard...especially when his ear is getting pulled.  I know she enjoyed this attention and love from him and she probably will think twice before she picks on him.  I know that tonight was special for me, but I also know they realize how special tonight was for them.

Here is a quote for tonight....

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero- Author Unknown

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