Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today's gift is hiccup.

This afternoon I had an appointment and while I was out my mom helped me by giving my daughter her evening bath.  Thanks Mom!

Sometimes my daughter lets you dry her hair and sometimes she does not.  When I got home her hair was still wet so after my mom left I decided to bring the hairdryer downstairs to see if she would let me dry it while she watched tv on the sofa.

Instead of watching tv, she wanted to play on her iPad....did I mention she was really into her iPad lately!?!  So I started blow drying her hair...which by the way makes the morning routine of "doing hair" so much easier if it is dried after her bath.  While I was drying her hair she kept saying "up" over and over again.  Then she would start laughing.  I thought she was telling me she was over me drying her hair and she wanted to get "up".  Silly me!

I finally looked down on her iPad to see what was so funny and I was amazed!  She was saying "up" appropriately and for a reason!!!  She was on her feelings app and she kept touching the hiccup button and little character would "hiccup"....which would make her laugh and her say "up"!!!!

Since the hairdryer was on I could not hear the iPad saying "hiccup", all I could hear was her saying "up".

I am so proud of her for communicating to me the best she could!!!!  She amazes me every day....she truly does!

Here is a quote for today...

The greatest thing you can do is surprise yourself- Steve Martin

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