Sunday, May 26, 2013

Playing a Little Football

Today's gift is playing a little football.

We have been really lucky this weekend.  We have had incredible weather and two fun days in a row with the kids and family.  Today we tried a new vineyard that was having an event for the local SPCA chapter...the one where we got Midnight.  So we thought...why not...

I think we found another fun place for our family.  Another place that is low key.  Another place where we can bring our own fun while listening to music and enjoying delicious food from local food trucks.  One of the same food trucks we enjoyed on Mother's Day weekend was at this vineyard today too, and I think has become our family's favorite!  Between the crepes and the amazing homemade ice cream....I don't know which one is better.

While we were enjoying the beautiful weather and listening to music my husband and middle daughter were throwing a football back and forth.  After about five minutes my oldest daughter jumped up out of her chair and walked over to my husband.  She indicated she wanted to play too.  Of course she did!  They were playing ball!

We know she loves to kick the ball.  We know she loves to dribble a ball.  We know she loves to throw the ball.  And today she caught the ball!

It was so cute watching the three of them throw the football.  She was having the best time.  I was so proud of her for catching the ball.....for throwing the ball....and for standing and walking so great!!!!

They were having so much fun I had to jump in too!  In between my turns I was snapping pictures!!!  

After perfecting a new skill today I think it is safe to say she will sleep well!  There is nothing like watching her have so much fun.  Knowing she is happy makes me happy!

Here is a quote for today...

Life is Good!

first catch...

second catch

daddy teaching her to "really" throw the football

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