Friday, May 24, 2013

Overcoming Obstacles

Today's gift is overcoming obstacles.

Every day my daughter overcomes some obstacle.  Some may be easier for her while others may be more difficult.  But no matter the obstacle, she faces it head on and overcomes it!

Watching her every single day has taught me more than I could ever imagine.  I have learned to appreciate every little thing.  I have learned never to give up.  I have learned to dig deep when challenged and to pull through....even if I feel like giving up.

I like to try new challenges where I can have a "taste" of what hard work really means.  I don't mean "hard work" as in work in the office, but "hard work" as in challenging myself outside my comfort zone.  Making myself feel uncomfortable....just like my daughter probably feels on many occasions.

Last year running a half marathon was one of those times I was definitely out of my "comfort zone".  Today, it was indoor rock climbing!

Wow....who knew my forearms would be so sore.  I knew it would be hard, don't get me wrong, but I thought my body would be sore, all over...not just my forearms.  Tomorrow morning will probably be a different story!

I am not one who is really afraid of heights, but today being 50 feet up on the side of a wall was a little queasy...I am not going to lie.  And going up was much harder than I anticipated.  The whole time I was thinking of my daughter...and what it must feel like for her to do something that makes her work hard.  Something that takes all she has.  These thoughts helped me reach the top.

On my last climb today I wanted to give up.  I did.  I challenged myself to one of the harder walls...on purpose.  This climb was for her.

I don't know if you have been rock climbing or not, but when you go, you try to stay on one color all the way up.  Two of the climbs, this was easier to do on....the last one....not so much.  The spacing between the grips was further apart and you really had to work.  You really had to trust yourself.  You really had to plan.  You really had to push yourself to overcome the obstacle facing you.

My hands were sweaty...just like my daughter's are daily...from wringing them.  My upper body was shaking....just like my daughter's does in therapy when trying a exercise.  My mind was taking time, longer than usually to make a decision and to plan my next move....just like my daughter's apraxia sets in everyday, in every situation.

I wanted to stop.  I wanted to call it.  I wanted to give up.

But just like I cheer and encourage my daughter when I see she wants to throw in the towel, there were a team of friends at the bottom....cheering me on.  Telling me not to give up.  Telling me it is okay to take a break.  The same words I say to my daughter.

A break is what I needed.

I wiped off my hands.  Looked at what was ahead of me.  Took a deep breath....and climbed to the top.  It was hard.  I am not going to lie.  And I did step off one green and onto one blue.  But I didn't care.

Me stepping on one blue was better than me giving up.  Just like my daughter may not walk straight on the treadmill every day, she still walks on it.  She doesn't give up.  Even when things are tough.

I thank her for teaching me how to overcome obstacles I may face...planned or unplanned.  You just put your best foot forward and work at it one step at a time.  If you need a break, you take it.  But you never give up!

Here is a quote for today...

Rather than being defeated by your situation, picture it as a mere chapter in the amazing story of your life- Charles Marshall

joking about how my heart was racing and I wasn't even climbing yet!

following the blue and green

coming down is the best part

starting my challenge climb

thinking I'm doing pretty well

at the point where I wanted to GIVE UP!

but didn't....

almost there

I made it!

the ladies who cheered me on!!!

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