Saturday, May 4, 2013

Being Good While Mom was Flying Solo

Today's gift is being good while mom was flying solo.

For the past three nights my husband has been out of town on a well deserved boys weekend.  In the past when he has gone away I have always had reinforcements come to my rescue...aka my parents.  But this time I wanted to try at it....alone.

Of course you never know how the kids are going to act and I never know if my daughter with special needs will have a behavior.  So you just take a chance and pray.

I have to say the kids have been overall really good.  But my daughter with special needs has been fantastic.  Especially today, when we didn't have any "schedule".  She really likes having a routine, though I know she enjoys the weekends to rest too.

This morning she walked in around 4:20, but luckily went back to sleep.  And when she woke up was in a great mood.  She was very patient and waiting for me to get her breakfast ready, whereas when my husband is home when we come down in the morning breakfast is ready for waiting.

The rest of the morning was great too....she played for an extremely long time on her iPad while I cleaned up the kitchen....and then watched tv upstairs while I made all the beds before I got her dressed for the day.

And what a fun day we had!  My parents did come down today to see the kids and so I could go grocery that is one challenge I am not willing to try....take three kids grocery shopping!

When I got back we took the kids to a park we have never been too and enjoyed a nice afternoon together....followed by a stop to our favorite fro-yo shop!  And we also had a nice surprise when we ran into one of my daughter's Fairy Godmother's who ran in the Disney Half Marathon with me!!!  We haven't seen each other since that memorable Sunday afternoon!!!!  It was so good to see her and her daughter who has Autism.

Flying solo wasn't so bad and I actually enjoyed the quiet time to myself once everyone was asleep.  Then it was just me and the dog!  Of course, having all my children behave and the Rett Monster not rearing his ugly head definitely helped make the last three days not seem like a week.

Obviously my daughter knew her daddy wasn't here, and I honesty think she realized she need to be on her best behavior for me.  I was so proud of her for being so good and understanding and patient with me while I was flying solo.

Just like I need my girls weekends, I know how important it is for my husband to have his boys weekend too....but I have to be honest and say I can't wait for his return home tomorrow....I don't know who is going to be happier....the kids, the dog or me!?!?!

Here is a quote for today....

Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith- Margaret Shepard

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