Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Engaging in Something of Interest

Today's gift is engaging in something of interest.

After school my daughter asks for a snack the minute we walk in the door.  Our routine starts with settling down and having a snack before we start homework.  My kids are hungry when they come home!

Once she had her snack, instead of watching tv she was really engaged in her iPad.  She was playing games, listening to music, watching Hannah Montana, switching songs, looking at pictures, etc.  She did this for over thirty minutes!!!!  I could not believe it!  Usually she will play with her iPad for about 15 minutes....but!

She was tapping and swiping the screen like she was on a mission.  Every time I would look to make sure she wasn't trying to communicate something to me through her Touch Chat app, I saw she was on her iTunes account!  She loves her music!  She was definitely on a mission for something!

It didn't end here though!

After her bath this evening, while I was blow drying her hair she picked up her sister's iPad and was engaged once again.   She didn't want to stop!  Well, after her hair was dried, I just let her enjoy this down time where she was entertaining herself....for so long.  It was a very nice surprise to not have to be watching her....constantly.

I have seen her be engaged with her iPad and photo albums before, but not to the length and intensity she was today.  There was definitely something different about...but I can not put my finger on what it was.

Then tonight, I was getting the kids book bags ready for school tomorrow and read her news and notes from school.  I had scanned it briefly when we came home, but not all the way.  It said that she was a typing machine today!  She was typing and spelling away!  Well, that explains her pointer finger getting all the extra exercise this afternoon.

I guess something "clicked" today at school and she wanted to make sure her pointer finger didn't lose its touch.  All the times I "think" she is randomly pressing apps and randomly playing on the iPad....isn't so random.  In fact, it is her way of practicing and keeping her pointer finger active to be able to type...purposefully.  And hopefully one day...when she gets the concept of typing down fully we will be able to get more out of her little head and she can tell us more about her!

Here is a quote for today....

Doing your best is more important than being the best- Zig Ziglar

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