Friday, May 10, 2013

Successful Field Trip

Today's gift is a successful field trip.

Wow, I am tired.  And I assume my daughter was too as she went to bed a little earlier tonight.  We had a long day together on a field trip.

Today the fourth grade went to Jamestown.  We had an incredible day weather wise and the field trip was a lot of fun.  Exhausting, but fun.

I love seeing her among her peers...her mainstream peers.  I love seeing her look at them and them interact with her.

Luckily for my daughter, most of the field trip she could be pushed in her cruiser and didn't need to walk.  Which I have to say was a very good thing for this field trip.  Due to her walking issues lately, there would have been no way she could have participated in the field trip if it wasn't for her cruiser.  It was a lot of walking...for 2 1/2 hours.

As we moved from building to building, hut to hut, boat to boat, she listened and participated just like her peers.  She loved being a part of something so "typical".

I remember the days where "typical" field trips were an issue for her.  Where just riding on the bus was a lot for her.  Where the day was too long for her.  Where the stimulation of everything was too much.  And when I think of the past, I smile, because today we have come so far.

Today, she road on the charter bus with her class and was fantastic!  She participated in the entire field trip with no issues.  Nothing surprised her...not even when the canons were firing!  Which was amazing!!!!  She didn't even blink!!!  I loved seeing all of this!!!

However, I will say one part of the field trip was hard for me to watch...and it was her mobility.  I don't know why, but her walking is becoming more and more of an issue...some days better than others.  And it truly kills me to watch this.  Kills me.

Today, the kids were able to walk up a ramp and get onto a ship.  I started up the ramp with her before her class so we could take our time.  The ramp was flat with an incline going up and then three little stairs going down into the boat.  This. Was. A. Workout. For. Me.  I had no idea.  Two years ago she would have walked up the ramp with no issues.  Today that was not the case.  It scared me.  I don't like seeing her like this.  I basically pushed her up with all that I had.

And then we had to walk down.  Which we did.  But again, it scared me.

I will not let this one issue, this one negativity take away from all the positives I saw today.  While it is a big issue (and one we will continue to work on),  it still will not take from the great day we had together.  It will not take away how far she has come.

We ended our day with a yummy picnic in the shade.  This field trip was the perfect way to kick off my Mother's Day weekend!

Here is a quote for today....

Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I may remember.  Include me and I will learn- Author Unknown

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