Thursday, May 2, 2013

Proud Big Sister

Today's gift is being a proud big sister.

This week my middle daughter was special friend for the whole week in her class.  The whole week they get extra "special" attention, they give a 20 minute presentation about themselves and one/both of the parents can come into the class to read.

Today was my day to read to the class.

My middle daughter asked her teacher if she could invite her sister down to listen to the stories when I came to read.  Pretty much everyone in the school knows my other daughter with special needs....and if you didn't "know" her, you definitely knew her name.  My middle daughter wanted her friends to spend time with her.

How sweet is this?!?!?!

Around 9:00am this morning, I was in the 2nd grade class, sitting on the sofa with 22 second graders all around me while we waited for my other daughter to come up from her classroom.  As soon as she reached the doorway, the class went wild!  They were saying her name, saying hello...saying was incredible to see the would have thought she was a celebrity!

I honestly do not know who was more excited and more daughter with special needs or my daughter who was special friend for the week.  They both were glowing and they both were extremely happy for the other one.

My daughter who was special friend was thrilled she could share this special week with her sister, in her classroom and knew she would love to be there when I came in to read.  She wanted her friends to spend more time with her sister.

My daughter with Rett Syndrome was beyond ecstatic to be in her sister's classroom with her friends and she could tell by her entrance they were excited to have her be with them too!  She loved the attention and loved being accepted by her sister's peers.

Needless to say, I was glowing too!  I had both of my girls sitting next to me...the one on the left who has special needs and the one on the right who was special friend for the week.  No matter how you look at it, they are both special in their own ways and today they both made me extremely proud!

Here is a quote for today....

Individually we are special, together we are spectacular- Author Unknown

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