Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ca Ca

Today's gift is Ca Ca.

You might be able to guess it....she said a new word!!!! Now to most of you, you probably can not guess what word she is saying.  And I will give you the credit that you didn't know the context it was used in either.

How many of you had the word 'car' come to mind first?

No....that is not it.  She actually can say the word 'car'.

I will not leave you hanging anymore....

Tonight my husband was starting to put her to bed for me while I was busy and then I was going to switch places with him as it is technically my turn to put her to bed tonight (we alternate nights with all the kids).  He was asking her to chose her book she wanted read to her, just like we do every night.

She pointed to "Cocoa and Cowgirl Kate" and said "CA CA"!!!!  Ca Ca was for Cocoa!!!!

The speech therapist who was just here with us this past weekend for the PODD training said we may start to see her vocalize more now too and get new approximations/words.  I loved the idea that this was possible.   But, never did I expect the surprise so fast!

The simplest surprises are the best...aren't they?!?

Here is a quote for today....

Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows- Helen Keller

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