Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting More Comfortable at the Chiropractor

Today's gift is getting more comfortable at the chiropractor.

This afternoon was adjustment day!  My daughter loves going to the chiropractor...and she knows the routine when we walk in.

Routine is key for her, as well as, repetition.  Each adjustment is done basically the same way.  Which is easy for her to remember and get used to.

Today, was no different.

Except, she was more relaxed!  Usually when she is lying on her stomach, she isn't 100% relaxed and has her head elevated a little in the head rest.  Today, she laid down and immediately rested her head all the way down into the head/face rest!  I couldn't believe it!

She was showing us how comfortable she is now going and trusts him to help her!

We also tried the "wave" table (the intersegmental traction table) at the end.  She didn't know what to think of it, but she also liked it.  It was a different sensation, but after exposing her to it, I know she will like it for sure.  Think of it as a massager.  It is an ergo-wave roller pattern which travels up the spine like a wave and all areas of your spine are covered with three independent rollers.  I have tried it too...and it does feel funny the first time, but it also feels good on your spine.

I love watching my daughter grow.  Grow at her own speed, in her own way.  There is no rush.

Here is a quote for today....

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try- Author Unknown

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