Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Little Manipulator

Today's gift is my little manipulator.

How many of you have a child who likes to manipulate you? Come on be honest.....

My youngest two try to do it as much as they can.  Whether it is asking me/ my husband something and then when one of us says no, they go to the other one to try and get what they want.  Or they are really good when they "want" something and as soon as you give it to them they start acting out.

Kids definitely know how to work us and sometimes they do get away with it.

My oldest daughter with Rett Syndrome must have been taking notes.  She pulled one over on me today.

This morning she had physical therapy.  She was in a happy mood and was excited to go.  We walked in, she went right over to the treadmill ( as she knows the routine ) and she was ready to work.  She walked like a rock star on the treadmill...and hasn't walked that well in a long time.  After her treadmill time she walked with her therapist to grab all their materials they use for stretching...just like every session.

And then she got "the look".

And "the look" didn't go away.  In fact, she got a bit upset.  We tried to cheer her up to no avail.  She was adamant she wanted to go....pointing to the door and saying "go"!  So we went to the car.

We sat in the car for a little bit to see if it would pass and we could maybe go back in. Nope..."the look" was still there. So we called it a day.

As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot, she rolled down her window and started laughing! Really!?!?  I couldn't believe it!  I looked at her and said, "you played me".... and she laughed harder! In fact she laughed all the way to school.

Her are the pictures I took of her.
Here she is rolling down her window...breeze in her hair!

We talked about how physical therapy is important for her and how she needs it.  I told her how I understand some days are tough and it may be uncomfortable, but we can't act like we did today. Hopefully with her new PODD system we will be able to get her to communicate to us she needs to take it easy and not have her get so upset.  She knows she got away with it today....but not next time.  I have her number now!

Here is a quote for today....

Life if better when you are laughing- Author Unknown

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