Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A "Grown Up" Cup

Today's gift is a grown up cup.

We are very blessed that my daughter can say some words.  One of them being cup...which is huge.  When she says "cup" then she is communicating to us she is thirsty.

With three kids in the house and one being a swiper I tend to have the kids use plastic (bpa free of course) cups in case they were to be knocked over or something.  I am all about my daughter feeding herself when she can, so if the cup is not breakable it is one less thing I have to worry about...and her too.

Tonight, at dinner she had a plastic cup just like her siblings.  My mother in law had a tervis tumbler and I had a glass.  She kept saying "cup", so I would give her her cup.  But while she was saying "cup" she was pointing to the "grown up" cups.   She didn't want her plastic cup, she wanted one of ours.

I showed her which cup was hers if she wanted it.  Eventually, she drank her water.

After dinner, she was cruising the island and said "cup" again.  When I went to get her cup she shook her head no and pointed to my glass.  I said, "oh, you want a big girl cup" and she said "la"...her yes.

I believe it was just the other night I mentioned she maturing in more ways than one.  I think tonight is another example.  She is ready for the next step in what cups and plates she uses during meals.  I think this is a sign from her to me, that she is getting older and the plastic isn't going to cut it much longer.  She doesn't need china and crystal, but moving up from plastic would be nice!

It was the perfect reminder that yes, she is a tween and in another year will be a true teenager.  And yes I need to be mindful that even though she has Rett Syndrome, she still can feel self conscious about things....one maybe being using what she considers "little kid cups".   Having her tell me this in her own way was the best way for me to realize that yes...she is growing up...and I need to remember this in all aspects of her life.

Here is a quote for today...

The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come- Author Unknown

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