Friday, June 14, 2013

Last Day of School Celebratory Lunch

Today's gift is the last day of school celebratory lunch.

School is out!  Summer has officially begun!

This afternoon the kids and I went out to lunch with my aunt and uncle.  The kids wanted to take them to one of their favorite places....Bass Pro Shops!

We had the best time.  My daughter was in an A+ mood.  We enjoyed lunch was a little breezy, but nonetheless the fresh air was nice.   If an onlooker was to look over at us they would think we were one "normal" family.  She was being that good.  You would only start to notice things were a little different when she was eating as she needs assistance.  Of course she enjoyed her favorite meal thoroughly....sliders!

After lunch the kids showed my aunt and uncle around the shop...there is a lot to take in.  My daughter was still all smiles.

Fast forward to when we get home and unloaded the car full of all their bags from cleaning out their desks.  Well, amongst all their papers were their report cards.  No wonder my daughter was in an A+ mood!!!  She had gotten not only honor roll for THREE A's and TWO B's, but she also got the BUG Award (Bringing Up Grades).  She received one extra A this last nine weeks!!!

I couldn't be more proud of how hard my daughter works every single day.  She truly is amazing.   Both girls got honor roll all FOUR marking periods.  I think we had a GREAT school year and ended the year perfectly!!!

Here is a quote for today.....

She believed she could, so she did- Author Unknown

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