Friday, June 28, 2013


Today's gift is affection.

My daughter loves to show affection to those she loves.  And she has different ways of showing affection to all of us.  I know when she shows me affection it melts my heart, so I can only imagine what others think when she shows them affection.

Today I was talking to my mom and my daughter came walking into the kitchen.  She wanted some attention and wanted me to notice her.  So she came up to me and grabbed my arm lovingly to bring me close to her.  Then she got close to my face and gave me a kiss.  I loved it!

What I really love about her kisses is that she is never embarrassed to give me a kiss or a hug.  It can be in front of family, friends, her peers, or strangers and she doesn't care.  This is probably one of the only things I will say I enjoy about her having special needs.  The fact that she still will show us affection and doesn't have to play things "cool".  And it isn't me always asking her, it is her initiating it all on her own...which is even better!

Her timing is always perfect too.  It is like she knows I need to slow down or that I need a kiss/hug at that moment.  And for some reason her kisses and hugs do make things better.

She is one loved little girl and I think she knows how much she is truly loved by all who care for her.  Her affection towards us is her way of telling us how much she appreciates what we do for her and is her way of telling us this.  I will take it any day, any place, any time!

Here is a quote for today....

I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever- Author Unknown

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