Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rocking Therapy

Today's gift is rocking therapy.

I couldn't be prouder of my daughter and how hard she works at physical therapy.  It truly is so inspiring to see.

I know I post often about her days at physical therapy, but it is such an important part of her life...I have to post often.  PT helps make her who she is.  PT pushes her to be better.  PT is her form of exercise. PT is that one mountain she climbs twice a week and while the climb is difficult, the outcome is amazing.

If she didn't have the cheerleaders by her side that she does at PT,  I can honestly tell you the energy you would get from my daughter would be less...significantly less.  Her therapists have so much energy and spunk and are cheering her on to reach or kick or step or whatever it is they are working more time.  Their energy levels never drop during a session.  They keep her pumped!

If you think about it, it is just like us being in an exercise class.   If the instructor has no motivation or spunk your output in the class will be less, than if you have the bubbly and high energized instructor. The same is for my daughter at physical therapy.  You get from her what you put in!

Slowly they are adding new and challenging stretches and exercises.  While it isn't easy or the most comfortable, she does them with grace.  She does them while laughing.  She does them because in the end she knows it will help her and make her feel better.

You know what they pain, no gain.

**These pictures were from another day, but they still give you an idea of what she does**

Here are two quotes for today....

I've is tough, but I'm tougher- Author Unknown

When everything feels like an uphill struggle; just think of the view from the top- Author Unknown

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