Thursday, June 6, 2013

Adjustments Getting Easier

Today's gift is her adjustments are getting easier.

This afternoon my daughter had her chiropractor appointment.  Every time I mention his name to her she lights up and is all smiles!  I think it is safe to say she enjoys going.

And I think it is very safe to say it is working!  She walking and balance are incredible!!!!

She rocked it today!  Let him adjust her in a place he has been trying but she hasn't been relaxed enough...until today.  And she had her head down the whole time!!!

At the end of each session most people get to lie on the wave table (intersegmental traction).  She has only done this once.  After each session we walk by the table and ask her and she shakes her head no....and we listen.  In due due time.

Well, today we asked her and she didn't say no AND she didn't say yes.  So we tried it!  And this was the expression on her face....

What do you think?  Do you think she liked it?

I am beyond thrilled in how mature my daughter is getting.  She surprises me every day with a new gift and I love watching her grow.  

Here is a quote for today....

Very few blessings and very few extraordinary things ever happen when you live in the safe zone all the time- Author Unknown 

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