Saturday, June 8, 2013

Making Her Rounds

Today's gift is making her rounds.

As you know from yesterday's post today we celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday. We celebrated with 90 family members. We celebrated with lots of food and drinks. We celebrated!

I had not seen many of my extended family for over 15 years! The last time I saw many of them my youngest cousins were the age of my middle daughter...and now they are college graduates! Talk about feeling old!

For many of my extended family they had never met my children....heard lots about them, but never met. Needless to say we had lots of introducing to do! My daughter was such a sport today!

Between all the new faces, a new place, lots of noise (between the music and lots of Italians!) and a long day my daughter was incredible! She made her rounds meeting everyone. She told them "hi", that she was "good" and blew them kisses. She had some favorites too and would instantly give them a smile.

I was really proud of her for being so calm in a setting that could have been extremely overwhelming. She wasn't phased in the least and enjoyed celebrating just like everyone else!

I know she will remember today and all the people she met. As I have said before she never forgets a face! I can't wait to show her pictures from today and see if she can point out the family members she really connected with!

It was a fast trip. 844 miles in less than 60 hours...once we get home tomorrow. It was an incredible trip to see so many people come together to celebrate my grandmother's 85th. I know it was a special day for her, but it was also a special day for me. I miss our big Italian family gatherings and I was so excited my children were able to experience what I grew up with today. Let's just hope the next one is not 15 years down the road!


Here is a quote for today...

Family, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one- Author Unknown

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