Friday, June 21, 2013

The Little Things #10

Today's gift is the little things #10.

So many times we get wrapped up in the comings and goings of every day life that we often miss things or we see them but nothing looks different.

Until you take a step back.

I'm out of town for one of my best friend's wedding and I am talking with my children via FaceTime.  First, let's just say how awesome is technology today that we can see our kids when away...seeing them AND hearing their voice...double bonus!  Second, I love watching them.  I love looking at them when I take a step back.

It happened before my eyes.  My daughter is maturing.  I KNEW this, but seeing her from afar has really hit me.  My baby is becoming a young lady.  Her beautiful chubby cheeks have turned into a beautiful face of a soon to be teenager.  She is taller....up to my chin!  Her hands are getting bigger. 

However, with all the changes her eyes are still bright and full of life.  Her smile is still contagious.  Her hands still fit into mine. Her voice still melts my heart.

I pray every night that one day...and hopefully one day soon, she will be cured from the Rett Monster and we can share many conversations doing whatever she wants to!  Whether it is next year, in five years, or ten years....I will wait for the chance to share a "typical" mother/daughter conversation.  

Until that day I will continue to look at her beautiful face, deep into her bright green eyes and smile.  Smile because she is mine.  Smile because I love her.  Smile because that is our language.

Here is a quote for today....

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment- Buddha

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