Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Little Possum

Today's gift is a little possum.

My daughter is funny. She truly has a sense of humor and knows when to pull it out. I love the days when I can look back at the number of times she made me laugh.

Tonight is one of them.

Sleep has always been an issue for her. Whether it is falling asleep or staying asleep...just sleep. However, the past year for sure has been great in this department...knock on wood!

Unlike most children, we have to stay with her until she is asleep...100%. We can not read to her and then leave...she will follow us out. It has always been like this and whether it is a habit we created or how Rett Syndrome affects her, it can't be broken. Luckily, she usually falls asleep now within two stories.

There is a science to leaving her she is a light sleeper...but only when you are getting out of her bed! You have to inch out, body part by body part until you are completely out of her bed. It actually works the core muscles well when you are balancing either just on your tail bone or one foot!

You did successfully climbed out of her bed. She is sound asleep and you can tell by her breathing she is in a good sleep. You start to tip toe away and BAM...she pops up and is bright eyed...smiling!

We call this playing little possum! It is a gift because it is funny....she is totally playing us and knows it. I'm laughing now...because she went right back to sleep. But trust me there are many nights when playing little possum is not funny.

Tonight is a night she leaves me laughing and I'm happy she got the last laugh!


Here is a quote for today...

A good laugh is sunshine in the house- Wiiliam Makepeace Thackeray

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