Friday, March 22, 2013

Story Time Shared with her Sister

Today's gift is story time shared with her sister.

My gift today, is short and very sweet.  Tonight when I was putting my daughter to bed, my middle daughter came into her room and asked if she could listen to the story with us.  I said sure.

Then I asked my daughter if she wanted her sister to read to us and she replied with a "la"...which is her yes.  So my middle daughter gave her sister a choice of two books and she picked the one she wanted her sister to read to her.

It was so sweet watching them share this moment together.  Looking back on when we started a family I never would have thought my middle daughter would be playing the role of "big" sister to her "big" sister.  I always envisioned my oldest daughter teaching her "little" sister so many riding her bike, tying her shoes, how to read, how to count and everything in between.

While my oldest daughter is not teaching her little sister the "typical" things a big sister teaches her little sister, she is teaching her much more.  She is teaching her patience.  She is teaching her about unconditional love.  She is teaching her about believing.  She is teaching her about how to treat everyone, no matter their differences with respect and how we are all the same on the inside.  She is teaching her compassion, empathy and how to be sympathetic.  She is teaching her life's greatest lessons at such an early age.

Do I get sad when I think about the things my oldest daughter can not do with or for her little sister?  Absolutely.  Every day there are times when I think about it.  I get sad for both of my girls.

But then I think about how incredibly blessed I am that my two girls have the amazing bond they do share.  To see them interact with each other and to truly love each other means the world to me.  At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter who is reading to who.  What matters is that there is love, friendship and a bond between them, as this is something no one can take away....not even the Rett Monster.

Here is a quote for today...

Sometimes being a sister is even better than being a superhero- Author Unknown

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