Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hand/ Eye Coordination

Today's gift is hand/eye coordination.

My daughter has incredible hand/eye coordination.   It is truly amazing.

We first noticed it years ago when she was playing with her favorite toy....a ball.  And we still notice it today.  It does not matter what size ball you bounce to her, she will always hit it right back to you!  Not only will she bounce it back to you, she can hit the ball back to you while looking in another direction....crazy!

So many times, like today, we will be bouncing/hitting the ball back and forth and she will be looking at the television while the ball is on its way to her and without looking will hit it right back to me!   She never misses a beat.

Equally as amazing as the above, she can also take a ball and through it at a certain target and get it every time.  For example, our kitchen chandelier is a favorite "target" as she loves the reaction she gets from it when the ball hits swings!  When she wants to get our attention while she is playing with her ball, she will start throwing it at the kitchen light, as she knows I will respond.

Both of these skills amaze me because most of the day she is wringing her hands.  Unless she wants to do something on her own or she is asked to do school work, she is wringing them.  If I walk over to her and try to break her hands apart, it is as if I were trying to pry open an old rusty door that has been shut for isn't easy.  And when I do finally get them apart, she is so strong she gets them back together quickly like magnets!  However, when she wants to use them, she frees them as quickly and easily as she needs to.

Hand wringing and how it pertains to my daughter will always be a mystery to me.  We are so lucky she has the functional hand use she does have and is able to use them purposefully.  Whatever it takes to get them apart is fine by me, as long as "it" is keeping her hands busy so she does not lose hand use.

Here is a video of her from 2011...she still plays with a ball just like this today; however, I do not have current footage.  I apologize for the video was a new phone at the time.  But the video is a great way to see what I am talking about...especially with her hitting the ball and then immediately going back to wringing her hands.

Here is a quote for today....

Where there is a will, there is a way- Author Unknown

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