Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Impromptu Snack Outside

Today's gift is an impromptu snack outside.

Right after school today I had to drive my daughter 45 minutes away to get her AFO ( nothing compared to a UFO...it is her leg brace) adjusted as her new brace was irritating her on the side of her foot.   I knew I was picking her up close to right after lunch, so I wasn't worried about feeding her a snack right away.  However, I did indeed bring a snack with me.

We were extremely lucky in that we not only made good time getting there, but also there was no wait! We went straight back and were seen immediately. He made the adjustments and we were on our way.

I was going to give her her snack when we got back in the car, instead of in the waiting room, so we could at least have the windows rolled down since it was a gorgeous day.  I knew we would not be having another 65 degree day for a while (according to the 10 day forecast), so I wanted us to enjoy all the Vitamin D we could!

As we were walking to the car, I noticed two picnic tables and a bench off to the side of the walkway. Have these always been there? I have never noticed them before, including when we drove past this area already today!

I pointed them out to my daughter and started walking toward the bench. We sat down, had a snack and soaked up some Vitamin D.  It was quite peaceful sitting on this bench, under a tree, listening to the sweet sounds of spring.  I did not have this part of our visit planned today...at all..but it was the best part.  It was extra special too as we got to share it with my dad (AKA Poppy).

My daughter loves being outside so I knew she would just love to sit on the bench in the sun while eating her snack.  Who wouldn't?  It is really nice to sit down and take in all the sounds around you, and take a deep breath before going back to the daily tasks which are always waiting for you.

Impromptu surprises, events, memories...whatever you want to call them, are the best...as they are not planned....and they have a great way of sneaking into your life when you need one too!

Here is a quote for today...

You are somebody's reason to smile- Author Unknown

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