Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Her iPad

Today's gift is her iPad.

Just like any other 11 year old my daughter loves her iPad!  Actually, just like any child my daughter loves her iPad.

Whether it is looking at pictures of her family and friends, listening to music (One Direction, Jack Johnson, soundtrack to Soul Surfer and China McClain from Ant Farm are her favorites), watching episodes of Hannah Montana, playing games (like Cake Doodle), or using her Touch Chat software to tell us something....she loves being on her iPad.  It truly brings her so much joy.

And it is great for me too...obviously the most obvious reason is for her to communicate with us.  But it helps her be occupied so I can get dinner ready or do something else around the house.  If you read my post from the other day, you know she can be the energizer bunny.  When she wants to be engaged on her iPad she can and will be for a long time.

I also love watching her and listening to see what she finds interesting.  I love how she will pick a song and then continue to navigate her iPad to another app and then will go back into music to switch the song.  When you watch her do this....you think...apraxia...what apraxia?  How can she do this with such ease, when other tasks using her hands are difficult for her?

Tonight I needed her to be engaged with her iPad so I could get dinner rolling.  Early in the evening she was very active and I was having to ask my other two children to help out...which they always do.  Thankfully tonight she was into her iPad and I was able to get dinner made without any issues (and it was a great dinner if I might add...a keeper!)

And she did a first all by herself with her iPad!   Earlier in the evening my middle daughter was helping her FaceTime me in the kitchen on my cell phone.  They wanted to know when dinner was going to be ready.  Then about 10 minutes later they were FaceTiming me again.  I called to my middle daughter and said, I can't FaceTime, please come in here and tell me what you need.  To which she replied, "I am not FaceTiming you."  My other daughter was!!!!

I could not believe it....and I answered it immediately!  She had FaceTimed me....but I don't think she knew she had.  I was talking to her and she was looking at me....and then she got up.  I think she was a little confused too because she could hear me (as I was only in the next room over) so she probably thought she would just come see me.  Usually when we FaceTime someone they are not in the house at the time.  I would be confused too!

I love how she can use technology like an iPad just like her peers.  I love how she can be engaged with something for a period of time, to allow me to get dinner ready.  I love how tonight, when I looked into the family room, my three children looked like a "typical" family.  If you didn't know my story, would you know one of my children had special needs?  Would you be able to pick the child with Rett Syndrome out?

And since she is the "energizer bunny" you will notice shelves and tables do not have much on them...for she is also known as "swiper".  I learned many posts ago...to just not let things like that bother me anymore....it is what it is! 

(the sign on the playroom door is from my son to the dog, telling him he is not allowed in the playroom!)

I love how she amazes me....every...single....day!

Here is a quote for today....

Sometimes superhero's reside in the heart's of small children fighting big battles- Author Unknown

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