Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feeding Herself

Today's gift is feeding herself.

I know I have mentioned in the past that we are very fortunate my daughter has functional hand use.  It truly is a blessing.  Even though she still has some functional hand use, it does not always come easily to her.

This is why we are constantly trying to keep her hands busy so she doesn't lose this skill!

She has been feeding herself with a fork for a while now...though it took us a while to get to this point. By no means, do I mean she picks up the fork, forks the food herself and puts the fork into her mouth and every single step associated with feeding yourself.  Her "feeding herself" is picking up her fork I lay in front of her (with the food already on it) and she puts the fork into her mouth and then lays the fork down for another bite.

This is HUGE for her!  Actually this is HUGE for any girl with Rett syndrome really!  So I will say...this is her feeding herself!  

Of course finger foods are easy for her, but we always want her to be as independent as she can be.

It must have been the incredible weather we were having here again today, because her feeding herself at dinner tonight was on fire!  She was incredible!  Not only was she putting the fork back down for me  to get another bite ready, she was also telling me by pointing what she wanted me to fork!  And if I didn't get it right she let me know, by adamantly pointing to the correct item she wanted!

Our dinner this evening with Granny was a wonderful!  The food, the company, the conversation and seeing my daughter feed herself like nothing was holding her back was a perfect way to end the weekend! 

Here is a quote for today....

Out of difficulties grows miracles- 1 Peter 5:10

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