Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lazy Day Together

Today's gift is a lazy day together.

We had a family lazy day today...and it was great! I love lazy days! Between the cold weather and having had a late, late night out ( wow, my body does not bounce back after a late night out like it used to!) and my daughter with special needs waking up 3 hours after we went to bed....a lazy day was the answer.

Luckily, my daughter fell back to our bed and slept in in the morning. But let me tell you, there was nothing productive about our day...(well, I did finish a book I was reading!).

I love how we did not have to be someplace at a particular time, I love how we were all snuggling in one room together (even the dog) having true family time filled with laughs, I love how there were silent moments too where you could reflect and take a deep breath, I love how we were in our pjs all day (ok...3 out of the 5 as my husband went to get milkshake treats for all of us from Cookout...if you never had them, they are incredible!) and I love how we could be lazy today.

The kids enjoyed it too. My daughter would snuggle any time, any day...but hearing my son say how he just loved having snuggle time and being lazy with me today was worth it too! My middle daughter's favorite part of the day was cuddling under the covers after eating our milkshakes as we were cold!

We ended the day watching one of our family's favorite movies, Soul Surfer. This movie is so uplifting and inspiring, it just leaves you feeling like you can do anything. So after a non productive day, but one filled with relaxation and after watching the incredible movie I am ready for the week to begin! Sometimes we need to put the brakes on and do absolutely nothing...and today was that day!

Here's to a great week!


Here is a quote for of my favorite lines from the movie Soul Surfer.....

I don't need easy, I just need possible.

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